Hi, I am

Hi, I'm

I'm a digital product designer based in London and New Forest, UK and I specialise in native mobile and web apps. My mission is to design and build exceptional products that help humanity. I'm fond of art and delicious food. I find joy in exploring new places, practising yoga and playing music.

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Recent Work

Design Sprint for Freddie's Flowers

I was part of a 5-day design sprint in London organised by The Craftory VCΒ Fund for Freddie's Flowers. I worked closely with both teams on designing dynamic prototypes for Freddie's new 'Gifting' product which was released in Feb 2023. We generated ideas and tested the designs with real users from different audience segments to establish the most viable solution.‍

HappyDojo.io (Martial Arts App)

Karate App Happy Dojo Event ViewKarate App Happy Dojo Payment ScreenKarate App Happy Dojo About UsKarate App Happy Dojo Chats

Practising karate and observing areas for improvement in my club sparked the idea of designing a martial arts app concept. The app facilitates event updates, online payment, and communication among students. Additionally, it assists club owners (Sensei) in managing events, receiving online payments, communicating with students, and maintaining student records.


Tourism Business Website - Design & Build

tourism website pagestourism website banner designtourism website routes image slidertourism website asset selectiontourism website book online bannertourism website example 6

I designed the site in Figma and built it in Webflow. I chose minimalistic and easy to navigate design for this project. I focused on featuring high-quality visuals of the area to help visitors imagine the experience and make them more comfortable booking online. The site is pretty big and required a lot of CMS collections and compiling the right assets for each section. Hotjar has shown that the scrollable photo galleries are very popular with most users looking at every photo.


Branding for Finance Advisory Business

finance business homepagefinance business brandingfinance business website pageforward food tech podcast artworksoil health hub podcast artworkpodcast reviews

I planned and created the branding for an advisory business that works with food and agriculture tech start-ups. I designed all visuals and wireframes in Figma and built the site in Webflow. The new website increased sign-ups by 50%. I worked there as a Marketing Manager and found it quite fun producing two podcasts for them.

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Augmented Reality web designs

under nda placeholder

Web designs for an organisation working with Augmented Reality.

upon request

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